2011 Day Excursions

Tues 12th April     CLACTON MARKET DAY           

Ad £12   Ch £10
Clacton has lovely sandy beaches, safe sea bathing, water sports, a Victorian pier with undercover amusements & fun fair, Pubs, Clacton clubs, cafes and Restaurants. The Tuesday Markets are enjoyed by many tourists and locals.

Sun 24th April     THORPE PARK                    

Ad £18   Ch £16
The nation's Thrill Capital with over 30 extreme rides & attractions including SAW – The Ride, the world's most terrifying rollercoaster! With 6 blood-curdling rooms based on the iconic SAW films, it's sure to be a pant wetting experience! Dare to ride Nemesis Inferno and you won't know which way is up as you loop, spin, side-wind, dive and corkscrew through the crater to confront your greatest foe... fear.

Sun 24th April     LEGOLAND                        

Ad £18   Ch £16
With thrills and fun for the whole family. A Theme Park dedicated for the whole family. An inspirational land imagination knows no bounds.
With over 55 interactive rides, live shows, building workshops, driving schools and attractions, all set in 150 acres of beautiful parkland, this is a unique family theme park.

Sun 24th April     WINDSOR & THE CASTLE           

Ad £18   Ch £16
Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the Official Residence of Her Majesty The Queen. Its rich history spans almost 1000 years.

Mon 25th April     ALTON TOWERS                       

Ad £48   Ch £41
Britain's theme park has roller coasters for all. Twist and turn, loop and swoop, speed and soar at Britain's premier theme park. Hurtle at terrifying speeds, dip and dive upside down; feel the adrenalin rushing. Includes Admission.

Sat 30th April    SPALDING FLOWER PARADE       

Ad £21   Ch £16
The 52nd Spalding Flower Parade which includes many specially designed traditional flower floats decorated with over 500,000 locally grown tulip heads, and there are already a number of imaginative double and single entries being considered.



Adult £36    Child £31
Enjoy incredibly close encounters with some of the world’s most amazing animals in our drive through Safari Park. See how your car measures up to giraffe, mind the zebras crossing, remember that the rhinos have right of way, watch out for the wolves and beware of our meddling monkeys… there is so much to look out for in this amazing world of animals! Includes Admission.


Adults £21  Child £16
It is a throwback to pagan traditions and Chimney Sweeps welcoming the summer so that they could clean the dirty chimneys.
Dancers and Musicians converge on the street’s of Rochester to provide a wonderfully colourful spectacle.


Adult £18   Child £16
Britain’s Wildest Adventure Theme Park and Zoo, home to a brand new, mythical land Wild Asia and Wanyama Village & Reserve.
With exciting rides & Rollercoasters, a Zoo and  SEA LIFE Centre. A great day for all ages.

Mon 30th May    SOUTHEND AIR SHOW 2011      

Adult £14   Child £12
The Southend Festival of the Air is one of Europe's largest free air shows. Aerial demonstrations and wing walkers fly high over Southend's seafront. On the ground there are exhibitions by the RAF, Royal Navy and Army, giant inflatable’s and more

Tue 21st June     BLUEWATER SHOPPING           
Adult £12   Child £10
Shop for designer labels at discount prices at this great shopping centre.

Sat 9th July    WHIPSNADE ZOO               
Ad £28      Ch £21
Get up close to some of the biggest, rarest and most majestic animals alive - including cheetah cubs, elephants, tigers, lions, rhinos and giraffes.... and 2,500 more. Includes Admission.

Sun 10th July    WOBURN SAFARI PARK & ABBEY   
Adult £18   Child £16
Woburn Safari Park is an action packed day for all the family. From the Road Safari where you can go round as many times as you like to the Foot Safari where you can mingle with the animals, grab lunch before watching the keeper demonstrations. Our staff are here to help you so please do ask them for information during your visit. They know all the animals' personalities and can give you insights into their working day.

Tues 12th July     CLACTON MARKET DAY           
Adult £12   Child £10

Sat 16th July    NATIONAL SPACE CENTRE       
Ad £39      Ch £35
Space, The Planets, Orbiting the Earth, Exploring the Universe, and Space Now - each packed with hands-on games and simulators. On the Space Now mission departure board you can watch the countdown to the Beagle 2 launch to Mars. Includes Admission.

Sun 17th July    KEW GARDENS                   
Ad £31     Ch £31
Explore glasshouses, landscapes and 250 years of history at the world's most famous garden. Climb to the treetops, delve into the rainforest, A pure treat for all ages. Included Admission.

Thurs 4th Aug     ALTHORP                                       
 Ad £27      Ch £23
The award winning exhibition ‘Diana - A Celebration’ depicts the life and work of Diana-Princess of Wales. Inc Admission

Sat 13th Aug     CHESSINGTON ADVENTURES       
Adult £18   Child £16

Adult £18  Child £16

Tues 23rd Aug    LAKESIDE SHOPPING           
Adult £12   Child £10

Thur 25th Aug    CLACTON AIR SHOW           
Adult £12   Child £10
The 20th year on the Clacton Air Show. Organised by Tendring District Council, the present is a well-established event which reached record crowds in 2010 of an estimated 140,000 visitors over the two days.
While most eyes are going to be searching to the skies for air displays there will probably be a whole host of on-site catering, trade stands and entertainment at ground level stretching along the display web page on Clacton's seafront.

Mon 29th     ALTON TOWERS   
Adult £18   Child £16